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Stock Screener Professional
$ 29.90

Powerful stock screener offering free data and sophisticated features!

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Excel Random Number Generator and Statistics (Set 2)
$ 29.95

Provides 12 random number generators that allow you to generate histograms from probability distributions given the parameters you have specified. You also have the option to output random numbers from the distribution on the spreadsheet.

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Excel Finance and Statistics Models (Set 1)
$ 29.95

13 different topics in finance and statistics from a simple model such as computing standard deviation and mean to more advanced models such as Monte Carlo simulation, multivariate standard normal distribution, multiple regression, and option pricing

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Residential Real Estate Excel Model
$ 89.95

A professional Excel model that calculates the profitability of any residential real estate property!

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Investment and Business Valuation Excel Template
$ 26.00

The Investment and Business Valuation template is ideal for evaluating a wide range of investment, financial analysis and business case scenarios. Analysis performed includes accounting impact, Economic Value Added, and NPV of cash flows.

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Portfolio Performance Monitoring
$ 22.00

The Portfolio Performance Monitoring model enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of financial investments. Amount and timing of investment and divestment transactions are taken into account in performance calculations.

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Excel Numerical Searching Methods and Option Pricing (Set 3)
$ 29.95

Contains topics in applying different numerical searching methods to solve mathematical equations and implied volatility from option pricing models. Also includes vanilla option pricing models on futures, currencies, stock indexes.

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Excel Real Estate Model
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