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StockFusion Studio
Price : $ 299.00
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Powerful Stock Scanner Analyzes 100,000+ Symbols at a Time!

The StockFusion Studio is not simply an amazing stock scanning engine that can process 100,000+ symbols -- it's a complete suite of analysis and forecasting tools in a single powerful package!

You Get All of This!

- Automated Forecasting Expert
- Technical Indicators
- Digital Filters
- Performance Tests
- Stepwise Regression
- Trend Pattern Detector
- Native connectivity with MetaStock, Yahoo!Finance, CSV files, TC2000, QuotesPlus, MS SQL, MS Access, DB2, and Oracle
- Open API
- SOAP server
- C++
- Direct Internet data acquisition
- Smooth operation on huge datasets up to hundreds of thousands of stock symbols

Key Analytical Features

StockFusion Studio's built-in forecasting expert works on a wide collection of elaborate predictors, technical indicators, digital filters, and statistical tests to achieve top forecasting accuracy and reliability in full automated unattended mode.

Key Technical Features

StockFusion Studio's architecture is distributed and grid-based, which allows for uncompromising parallel analysis on supercomputer clusters and geographically split systems scattered around the world.  This grid is unified through secure peer-to-peer networking technology and SOAP messaging.  The result is literally a world-wide calculation brain that can search, analyze, and forecast over huge data sets!

The free open API allows unlimited extensibility in data access and additional forecasting technologies.  These are then consumed in kernel expert reasoning.  SOAP, DCOM, and C++ bindings give easy direct integration with virtually ANY enterprise infrastructure, including JAVA, .NET, Delphi, MS Office, online portals, and interactive web services.

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