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Real Estate Investment Template - An Essential Tool for Successful Investors


Assuming you have developed or acquired a real estate investment template for Excel or other good spreadsheet program, there can be good and bad ways to model the forecasted financial records of a possible property investment decision.  Read on to understand more about various methods.

To begin with, do not leap directly into your financial forecasting project without gathering all of the necessary data beforehand. You might be under significant time pressure and the owner may not want to discuss critical profit and loss data with you, however it is very important to have proper historical income, cost, tax, vacancy, and insurance coverage numbers nearby when you begin modeling.  Do anything to obtain the data you require for the real estate investment template and make a precise decision.

After that, do be sure you project cash flows as far in to the foreseeable future as possible, at least until you think the property will be sold.  When you have a five year holding period end date, you should model at least seven to ten years of cash flows just in case the property happens to be an excellent income maker or there is a problem reselling it at a reasonable price down the road.

Don't assume the first figures you plug into the real estate investment template result in the highest odds investment result.  Test at least 10 to 15 situations, modifying the financing rates, cash investment, capitalization rates, vacancy, rent growth rate, fix up costs, taxation assumptions, selling costs, and so on.  Try to determine how vulnerable the net income is to various input factors.  You may also automate the spreadsheet to run thousands of unique scenarios with step-by-step boosts and decreases in different important inputs.  By evaluating the model and generating multiple possible outcomes, you'll have a much better understanding of the possible hazards and benefits of the investment.

In the end, be sure to do excellent data and evaluation work and rely on your financial spreadsheet to guide the investment options and purchase price discussions.  If done correctly, the analysis may have discovered considerable potential opportunity to manage the property better, therefore producing more cash and earnings.

Employing these important steps correctly will ensure you get the best from your real estate investment template.

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