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NeuralXL Package
Price : $ 149.00
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The NeuralXL Package provides 2 different neural network add-ins for your Excel analysis. Both tools are exceptionally powerful and easy to use for both experts and beginners, at a fraction of the cost of competing neural network products!

Add Full Neural Network Captabilities to Microsoft Excel!

What You Get

Components Description Screenshots
PredictorXL NeuroXL Predictor (PredictorXL) is a neural network forecasting tool that quickly and accurately solves real-world forecasting and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel. The NeuroXL Predictor interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, does not require any prior knowledge of neural networks, and is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. PredictorXL is suited for a variety of forecasting duties, including stock price prediction, sales forecasting, and sports score prediction. Learning time is minimal, greatly reducing the interval between loading the software and performing useful predictions. The application is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use for beginners yet powerful enough for the most demanding professionals. Simply specify input and output references, perform a few mouse movements, and a prediction is returned. NeuroXL Predictor also incorporates support for bulk predictions, so a user can leave the computer unattended to make predictions for a large array of data. Features include:

- Easy to learn and use.
- No prior knowledge of neural networks required.
- Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel.
- Proven neural network technology for highly accurate forecasts.
- Lowest cost neural network product on the market.

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ClassifierXL NeuroXL Classifier (ClassifierXL) is an add-in for Excel designed to aid experts in real-world data mining and pattern recognition. It hides the underlying complexity of neural network processes while providing graphs and statistics for the user to easily understand results. NeuroXL Classifier uses only proven algorithms and techniques, and integrates seamlessly with Excel. Loosely modeled after the human brain, neural networks are interconnected networks of independent processors that, by changing their connections (known as training), learn the solution to a problem. NeuroXL Classifier implements self-organizing neural networks, which perform categorization by learning the trends and relationships within your data. NeuroXL Classifier's ability to handle numerous, often-interrelated variables makes it widely applicable to classifying market data. For example, a trader may wish to classify stocks as buy, hold, or sell based on historical data. Features include:

- Easy to learn and use.
- No prior knowledge of neural networks required.
- Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel.
- Provides proven neural network technology for highly accurate classification.
- Detects relationships and trends in data that traditional methods overlook.
- Lowest cost neural network classification product on the market.
- Compatible with all Microsoft Excel-based trading software.

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