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Monte Carlo Simulation Software Critical Components

Author: Dr Edward Hamlyn

Monte Carlo simulation software can be trusted to improve organization or investment decisions.

There are numerous of capabilities you should watch out for to make sure you buy the correct software package. These are a few of the key functionalities to identify:

Does the software produce a stats output grid? The key to comprehending and evaluating various Monte Carlo simulation results are the numbers of the statistical distribution analysis. These measures include kurtosis, skew, density, tail probability, VaR, Student-T, and many others.

The statistics must be easily accessible in the user interface and model output. Is the visual user interface user-friendly? Are you able to effortlessly understand the graphic representations of the information and simulation results? Are the keys and selections clearly labeled and understandable? Is the user work flow effectively developed for normal steps?

The user experience is very crucial in Monte Carlo simulation software. For how long does it take to run a simulation and generate results? Do you have various flags or knobs you could flip on and off to get more fine detail or speed up the runs? When you have a time-critical application for the Monte Carlo operations including value at risk calculations or portfolio valuation, you will need a very efficiently coded application coded to generate optimum speed.

If you run simulations on millions to tens of millions of cash payments, this indicates the requirement for great calculation speed. If you just conduct simulations on a intermittent basis or on an irregular research capacity, such as new product development, traffic structure design, or project finance, then you won't require additional speed and this is actually less of an issue.

How easily can you access the data inputs, formulas, and results of the software? Are you able to view the in-between results? Are they stored in a data bank or cached in memory? Can you view the calculations and process steps used to calculate the results? Are these noted?

These are almost all extra-important considerations when the the simulation results are utilized in important decisions or will be audited by controller. As you can see, there are a number of critical factors to look for when buying Monte Carlo simulation software.


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