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Personal investment software for the end-of-day investor.

investX is a personal investment software package that incorporates all of the tools an end-of-day trader requires to make informed trading decisions. investX includes portfolio management, technical analysis and market-filtering tools. It is also Internet connected for easy and effective access to online content.

investX is a new class of software product. It is aimed at being useful to the user throughout the entire investment cycle:

  • Identification of new investment opportunities; 
  • Research and analysis of those investment opportunities;
  • Tracking of any investment opportunities that the investor takes advantage of;
  • Maintenance of those investment opportunities.

Identification:  The identification process involves determining the criteria that makes an appealing investment opportunity, and then locating investments that meet these criteria. investX provides comprehensive market filtering features which allow the user to easily search every market traded security to locate those which meet their criteria. These criteria can easily be saved and used again at any point in time. Further, the integrated web browser allows the user to access internet-based content such as stock broker suggestions, etc, to help them identify appropriate investment opportunities.

Research and Analysis: The research and analysis stage of the investment cycle involves looking further into the investment opportunities identified in the first stage. Investments generally have to fit a number of criteria before an investor is satisfied that it is worth buying. investX provides a number of research and analysis tools - these include comprehensive charting and technical analysis features, and a unique system that allows users to directly access internet-based content pertaining directly to the security that they are dealing with. These features make the research and analysis process both simple and powerful.

Tracking: The tracking stage of the investment cycle occurs when the user purchases units in a security - after it has been identified, researched and analysed. investX is a comprehensive answer to the user's tracking requirements. Their investments can be broken up between numerous portfolios, and they can quickly see their holdings, the performance of those holdings, and a great deal of other valid information.

Maintenance The maintenance stage of the investment cycle involves both monitoring your current holdings to ensure that they are performing in a manner that is congruent with what you expect of them, and being able to access information regarding your transactions, current portfolio performance, etc. investX provides this functionality by allowing the user to add stop-loss and target prices to each of their investments, as well as by providing detailed reports that can be quickly generated at any point - whether for taxation purposes, or for their own information.

To date, no other product addresses all aspects of the investment cycle.

Portfolio View: Eight possible orientations.

Charting View: Apply technical indicators to your price charts.

Market View: Filter the market or a watchlist by technical indicators/oscillators or traditional filtering techniques.

Desktop View: Gain an overall perspective of your current portfolio(s) performance. Generate reports, process EOD data, backup or manage data, view alerts or system notifications.

Web View: A fully integrated web browser allows you to access the most up to date information available from the internet.

Help Desk: A fully integrated help system to help you to solve problems quickly and easily.

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