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Facts on an ACS Student Loan


When students and their parent(s) begin investigating the options of pursuing a secondary education or higher they will frequently find that there are numerous options available in terms of student loans. This means that there are many vendors available who can help make the dream of obtaining an education a reality.

One of these is known as the ACS student loan. Academic Financial Services Association now operates as ACS or Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. and is one of the largest servicers of student loans in the nation, with more than 5 million accounts.

The ACS student loanprogram assists with two of the major and most well known types of student loans, the federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and the Campus Based Student Loan Program (CBSL).

The Campus Based Division program has the following types of student loans:

Federal Perkins Student Loan
Nursing Student Loans
Health Professions Student Loans
Institutional Loan Program

The FFELP Program handles these types of student loans:

Stafford Loans
PLUS Loans
SLS loans

It should be noted that PLUS loans are only made to parents and SLS loans are supplemental student loans.

Under the FFELP, ACS is also able to assist with making consolidation loans for students who have more than one federal student loan. This can provide a number of advantages for students, including reducing the number of monthly payments to just one as well as possibly lowering the total overall monthly payment.

Graduated and income related repayment plans are also available to help students who find themselves strapped for cash following graduation.

While there are numerous advantages to switching to a consolidated ACS student loan , borrowers should be aware of the fact that doing so may increase the total repayment time as well as the total amount of interest that must be paid over the life of the loan.

Loans that are less than $7500 can be paid back in ten years or less while loans of $60,000 and more can be deferred up to 30 years.

Students should consider their options carefully, particularly if they may be eligible to cancel their total student debt for certain situations, such as Peace Corps, Military or public service, before considering a consolidation loan.

For more information regarding a variety of student loans visit: 

Student Loan Today is a website filled with the latest information on student loans. The more popular categories of student loans are fully explained so as to help simplify the sometimes confusing process of securing a college student loan. Student Loan Today can be visited at Go to 


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