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Expense Report Form in MS Excel
Price : $ 14.95
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A complete expense form already formatted for MS Excel!

Download and print a professional expense report form in 5 minutes!

Highlights of the Expense Report Form Excel Template:

  • Covers all major expense areas (20 inputs).
  • Include your own instructions and list of GL accounts.
  • All formulas are already calculated for you.
  • Prints perfectly on one sheet of paper.
  • Customizable in Microsoft Excel 95 or higher.

    Best of all, there is no waiting! You can download this file right after purchase and print it out in minutes.

    Every business needs a formal expense report. Whether you have one employee or a thousand, a good expense report can save you time and money. With a formal expense report form in place, you will:

  • Make it easier to track expenses and add them to the GL.
  • Have formal documentation of each department's expenses.
  • Make it clear to employees which expenses are reimbursable.

    Even if you are the only employee in your business, a formal expense template is a good idea for properly documenting your out-of-pocket expenses.

    Creating your own Expense Report is time-consuming. Building an expense report from scratch can be frustrating. Determining all of the expense fields, programming macros and then formatting the page so that it prints perfectly can take a lot of time. This expense report form to avoids these hassles, while still giving you the ability to completely customize the form, create your own instructions and list your GL accounts.

    This expense report form is complete. It fits all of the major expense categories on one easy-to-use and print page. Areas covered by the template include the following:

    1. General Information

  • Employee Name
  • Company Name (and space for optional logo)
  • Department Name
  • Department Number
  • Week Ending Date
  • Date of Creation
  • Employee Signature
  • Supervisor Signature

    2. Business Expenses

  • Expenses Summary (from all detailed areas
  • Airfare/Transportation
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Car Miles (with day-by-day start & end mileage)
  • Tolls Parking
  • Other Travel/Lodging
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Telephone Charges
  • Data Communication Charges (e.g., Internent)
  • Software
  • Literature/Books
  • Other

    3. Instructions & GL Codes

  • Color Coded Boxes to let employees know where to enter
  • Detailed instruction sheet for expense policies
  • List of G/L codes and included examples of business uses.
  • What's more, this template works in all versions of Microsoft Excel, and is easily printed out. No more hard-to-read expense reports or illegible details!
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