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Excel Levels 1 and 2 Training
Price : $ 39.95
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Save on this 2-in-1 course package! Excel Level 1 Basic plus Level 2 Skilled

Save a significant amount of money when you order two or more OzGrid courses at the same time!

These lessons have been written by OzGrid Business Applications who develop Excel spreadsheets on a professional basis. Each lesson is drawn from 'real world' experience and not made up class room scenarios. There are 20 lessons, each between 5 and 10 Word Document pages long, and 10 Workbook examples.


Excel Level 1: Basic is for students and professionals new to Microsoft ExcelŽ. Level 1 focuses on core Excel skills you will need to perform everyday functions in finance, marketing, analysis, and administration.

  • The Fundamentals of Excel
  • Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special
  • Custom Formatting
  • Undo, Redo
  • Excel Formulas - Basic
  • Useful functions and Paste Function
  • Calc
  • Comments
  • Drawing toolbar
  • Edit, Replace, Delete, Clear
  • Essential Printing
  • Data Sorting, Hiding
  • AutoFormats
  • Protection
  • Basic Charts
  • Basic Formatting
  • If Function

    Excel Level 2: Skilled is for students and professionals with 1-3 years of Microsoft ExcelŽ experience. Level 2 advances your core Excel skills, dramatically enabling you to perform advanced analysis, formulas, data capture, charts, graphs, and presentations necessary for today's complex business and academic environment.

  • Worksheet Formulas
  • Specific Worksheet Formulas
  • Extract Data and Decision Making
  • Data Validation and External References
  • Advanced Filters and AutoFilters
  • Range Names
  • Charts
  • Under-Utilised Features
  • Protection
  • Shared Workbooks and Merging Shared Workbooks
  • Track Changes
  • Custom Views
  • Report Manager
  • Hyperlinks
  • Outlining

    About OzGrid:

    OzGrid has been developing and teaching Microsoft ExcelŽ and it's program language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for many years. OzGrid's education clients come from all over the globe because OzGrid SPECIALIZES in Excel--it's all they do!

    OzGrid not only teaches and tutors in Microsoft Excel -- they also use and develop it every day! This means the OzGrid experts know the sort of real- world Excel problems you are likely to encounter. OzGrid does not teach from a manual-- they teach from experience with useful examples of actual problems and solutions you need in your financial modeling and analysis work.

    OzGrid's Excel and VBA education courses provide you with the real-world skills to produce efficient, automated financial and analysis models. Discover and learn the tremendous power of Microsoft ExcelŽ and its VBA language!

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    Excel Real Estate Model
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