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Consulting Expense Excel Template
Price : $ 14.95
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An easy to use Consultant expense claim spreadsheet and tracking tool!

The Consulting Expense Excel Template is an easy to use expense claim spreadsheet and tracking tool.  Completely pre-built and ready to use, this template allows you to track any expenses associated with consulting projects, client expenses incurred, travel, hotels, food and entertainment, and much more!

Simply enter your company's name, attach a company logo, and distribute the spreadsheet to your team of Consultants.  If you are using the template for your own consulting practice, this Excel template is a simple way to track your expenses on any project, organize them for tax and accounting purposes, and bill them back to your client. 

This is a time-proven template used by both global consulting firms and independent consultants worldwide. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes easy currency conversion. 
  • Track by Consultant or Project. 
  • Enter ANY type of expense in the spreadsheet by date, currency, description, and category and it sums right to the bottom line.
  • No VBA or macros are included - only simple formulas are used!
  • Add rows and columns, additional spreadsheets, etc. with ease.
  • Can be used as a standard Consultant Expense Template for distribution to your team, then simply roll it up with a summary workbook that combines all the templates when they are returned to you. 
  • Works with any version of Excel!


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